Estranged People

Finishing Out Another Channukah Season

Another conference, another $1,000 for an all but forgotten people...
we had a very successful fundraiser table at the winter conference in Orlando this year. Very grateful to have the help of Debra Kelly during the three day event. Scarves were a big mover during this conference, with one congregation purchasing quite a few for their Judaica Store.Pasted Graphicteresa

Channukah Greetings!

This weekend I attended my second conference as an exhibitor. I set up a booth with the Ethiopians handiwork and was surprised with a banner donated by a friend to serve as a backdrop for my table of Ethiopian handicrafts.
It is the beginning of Channukah, a historical celebration of the victory of the Maccabees and called both the festival of lights and the festival of dedication. May we all rededicate ourselves to the love of our fellow man and the mitzvot of Hashem.