Estranged People

It's School Time in Ethiopia!

We have received $385 to pay for uniforms and school supplies for these children who otherwise might not have been able to attend school.

If you wanted to help , you can still donate at , our director in Ethiopia can receive funds from this account immediately with his Pay Pal debit card!

You can also donate here year round. A special thanks to all who helped!

Finishing Out Another Channukah Season

Another conference, another $1,000 for an all but forgotten people...
we had a very successful fundraiser table at the winter conference in Orlando this year. Very grateful to have the help of Debra Kelly during the three day event. Scarves were a big mover during this conference, with one congregation purchasing quite a few for their Judaica Store.Pasted Graphicteresa

New Effort to Connect with the Supporters of Ethiopian Jews

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Welcome to our web site. I am going to be sharing with you some memories of our trip to Ethiopia. Each week I will reflect on what I saw among the Jewish people of Addis Ababa.

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We are a relatively small operation – really only a couple of concerned volunteers.

But visitors to this website are what help us help the Ethiopian Jews, so we are very interested in expanding and reaching more people… And we need your assistance!

Please answer a few questions for us – watch this page for a summary of the results!

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Article on Ethiopian Jews Who Made Aliyah

Ethiopian Jews a Success Story in Israel - Al-Monitor_ the Pulse of the Middle East-1
I found this article to be real interesting. After seeing the absolute poverty and persecution that Ethiopian Jews have lived under in Ethiopia, for them to enjoy any level of success integrating into a first world country is remarkable!

It is a blessing to hear that in less than one generation, that there are doctoral students and nearly half of the high school students qualify for college. It is a credit both to the Israeli society and to Ethiopian stamina! It shows what any race can overcome if they value education and consider opportunities to advance their position as a privilege.

Except that there is no immigrant group anywhere in the world — there just isn’t — that achieved so much in such a short amount of time, when the initial conditions were so hard.
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New Charitable Partnership

I am happy announce that Ethiopia Judaica is now partnering with ESCO, described below. Any donations received through this site will go directly to assisting with their projects, which directly affect the Bete Israel people that this site was started to help.

The products that we sell here will still benefit individuals and their families of the Bete Israel community. A small purchase here can have a big impact in Ethiopia. For example, the sale of a $25 tapestry provides rent for a family for one month!  

El-Shaddai Charity Organization (ESCO) is a registered non-government and non-profit organization established to implement social projects that benefit the impoverished community in Ethiopia. The living standard of most people is beyond imagination. As was mentioned in previous blog articles, Ethiopia Judaica's mission is to assist those Ethiopians of Jewish descent. Many of their leaders and rabbis left for Israel in the first and second Exodus (1984 & 1991), so it is wonderful to have a trusted partner in Ethiopia to share our work with.
The biggest threat to the Ethiopian Jews is disease. In the Gondar region, most diseases are caused or complicated by the scarcity of clean, safe drinking water. People of all ages can get very sick from water borne diseases, but children under 5 years old are at the highest risk of death.

Scarcity of clean water also causes other hardships. Women do not have the chance to go to school because they are the collectors of water for their family and they spend much of the day walking to distant rivers and springs. Time and energy spent hauling water from great distances could be used much more productively farming or creating products such as what you see on this website. The availability of clean and safe water could bring more life opportunities to these people.

ESCO has made it a priority to provide clean, safe, water to people in rural Ethiopia; they have already implemented five water projects. Sponsoring water projects is saving the lives of people while also improving the quality of their lives! Apart from this project ESCO also provides free training programs to Ethiopian Jews. There are different fields of short term training that can change the life of these people in a positive manner. Many girls dropout of school, and are forced into prostitution just to survive or support their family. They risk unwanted pregnancies and many are exposed to HIV/AIDS. ESCO's programs provide the Ethiopian Jews with life skills, technical and vocational training. This means that they can make healthy, moral decisions and achieve employment in the fast growing private and social sectors of the economy.

Please consider making a donation to either of these ESCO projects with the donate button. Please include a message specifying which project you want to support through the PayPal page.